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Audria Townsend

SPECIALTY                     Yoga & Meditation
TYPE OF PROVIDER    Yoga Instructor
LANGUAGES                 English

Middlefield is Audria’s hometown, and she returns excited and grateful to be both a student with Yoga Alliance and teacher of vinyasa yoga.


Audria’s love of yoga grew over the past ten years from a fresh student repeating home yoga videos to her first public yoga class where she fell in love with the supportive, friendly environment. She has been teaching yoga for the last two years to share her passion for the practice.


With a positive personality and desire for wellness and inner peace, yoga is a natural overflow for Audria. She loves sharing how yoga strengthens spiritually, stretches physically, and relaxes mentally. She makes yoga welcoming for all students. When she is not on her yoga mat, you can find Audria walking, traveling, making crafts, reading, or caring for her family and home.

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