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Brandon Drabek, ND

My path to become a naturopathic doctor became clear at an early age. My Grandma Jo would take me on hikes through the woods and teach me to identify trees by their bark and plants for their health uses.  Her library included many old and worn books on natural remedies that I later read out of curiosity.  This and other experiences inspired me to become a naturopathic doctor.  I have received multiple certifications and diplomas from the Institute of Holistic Health - Great Lakes School of Integrative Medicine and Trinity School of Natural Health where I completed my designation of Doctor of Naturopathy (ND).  I have been in practice since 2011 and have worked as a nutritionist and consultant for two local grocery stores.

  • "Brandon was able to help me get off of prescription anxiety medication with my medical doctor. I no longer suffer from the grasp of anxiety as I did before, and I owe that to him. If anxiety does start to creep in, he has taught me how to manage it instead of cover it up. I have referred him to many of my family members who are all also having great results." - Kim B.

  • "Brandon is my 'go to' person...His approach is very far from conventional medicine and I like it. Instead of managing symptoms he is looking for the underlying cause of health problems and how to restore the body to a state of balance. His bodywork is gentle and very satisfying. And he always smiles." - Joanna R.

  • "I enjoyed my visit with Brandon...He was very professional and understood my needs. He spent extra time with me going over my needs and explaining clearly what he was doing by his testing methods. I felt very comfortable with his procedures and have scheduled another appointment. I will recommend him to anyone that is interested..."- Mary Ann P.

If you are looking for a proven natural health professional then you’ve come to the right place. With over a decade of experience working with amazing clients, guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to guide you in taking a proactive and informed role in your health by developing an integrative plan based on your unique needs and supporting your implementation of that plan.

I specialize in health concerns related to these areas: 
Naturopathic Doctor

Greetings!  My name is Brandon Drabek.  I am passionately committed to guiding you in achieving optimal function through nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, elimination, and stress management so you can have less stress and more energy to love your family, improve your career, and live a more balanced life.

Combining my knowledge of herbs, food, vitamins, & minerals with my passion for functional and lifestyle healthcare I am able to create the "medium", as taught by Hippocrates, where improved vitality and balanced well-being can occur.

Professional Services
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