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Integrative Health Plan

Real healing takes time. Become a Living Well member today and get a long-term partner dedicated to your health.

Personalized integrative health care

What’s included in your plan

6 doctor’s visits and 6 health coach visits

With regular appointments and unlimited messaging on the Healthie portal, you and your clinician get to know each other and stay connected. Your dedicated health coach supports you as you make targeted lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

Access to advanced diagnostic testing

Optional blood work and testing is an additional fee. Blood work is billed through insurance and cost can vary depending on your plan. Your doctor will work with you to decide which tests will be the most valuable, and they can be done at home or at a local lab.

Personalized care and lifestyle plans

Plans are tailored specifically to your needs and goals. They cover diagnostic testing, nutrition, fitness, mental health, medications, medical-grade supplement recommendations, and more.

Unlimited messaging and support

Get answers, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions—all in your secure patient portal, Healthie.

Our plan focused on providing Functional + Lifestyle care that includes:
  • 6 in-depth naturopathic health visits with your naturopathic doctor to:

    • Follow up on your health questionnaires to understand your current health concerns, lifestyle, and diet.

    • Give you physical assessments. These will help your clinician determine your stressors, identify signs of deficiencies or toxicities, and give you recommendations for advanced testing and blood work.

    • Go over your personalized health plan with you, review results from your testing, discuss your progress, and work with you to adjust your plan to optimize your wellbeing.

  • 6 visits with your health coach to address your recommended lifestyle changes, set achievable goals, and adjust your health plan based on how you’re responding.

  • A personalized health plan that addresses your lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, movement, and mental wellbeing.

  • Access to advanced diagnostic testing for hormones, genetics, and more.

  • Convenient online scheduling so you can find a time that works best for you.

  • Unlimited messaging with your Care Team so you can stay connected in between visits.

  • Recommendations for supplements all in one place so you don’t have to chase your providers.

  • 15% discounted membership rate at our online supplement store.

  • Exclusive deals on services from our favorite wellness partners.

How much does the Integrative Health Plan 
package cost?

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