IC Nutrition

IC Nutrition 

IC Nutrition or Intracellular Nutrition is based on a comprehensive approach to delivering nutritional vitamins to inside the cell through liposomal delivery system.

Studies have shown that the majority of Americans are deficient in many essential nutrients, putting them at greater potential for poor health.  Our protocols help replenish those nutrients missing in one's diet, being lost due to stress, lifestyle factors or that just cannot be absorbed due to poor gut function. Our approach is to ensure your cells receive these important nutrients via intravenous infusion, bypassing the gut and delivering these vitamins and minerals directly to your cells.

Long term health and the prevention of disease, depends on ensuring your cells have all the nutrients they need to function properly. With our proactive approach we help promote both physical and mental well being ensuring our clients get well, and more importantly stay well.

All Glow Wellness infusions are physician formulated with the highest quality nutrients that deliver therapeutic concentrations of  essential nutrients directly to your cells, where they are needed. The nutrients in Glow infusions are natural to the body and required by the cells to function and sustain health.