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Fit Life Consultation

Your body can maintain its countless complex functions only when it has adequate amounts of the right nutrients. Unfortunately, getting that balance just right can prove difficult. Many popular processed foods offer too little in the way of actual nutrition and too much fat, sugar, and salt. These imbalances can contribute to chronic inflammation, obesity, bone, and joint problems, insulin resistance, and other health issues.

Patient on Scale
Nutrition's Place in Holistic Health

What to Expect

During this consult, we will discuss your top nutritional needs, review your medications for nutrient-herb interactions/depletions, and address your foundations: nutrition, hydration, sleep, activity, mood, & elimination. At the conclusion, you will receive an action plan including our recommendations for food awareness, wellness solutions, and programs that promote balanced health & strength. 

  • Fit Life Consultation - $54

    • Discuss Your Top Nutritional Needs

    • Review of Nutrient Depletions and Interactions from Prescription Medicine

    • Recommendations for Foundational Support & Wellness Solutions

    • Session should take approximately 30-minutes

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