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Functional Health

It is widely known that poor lifestyle choices often cause modern chronic diseases. However, scientific evidence has shown that by adhering to healthy self-care practices, adults with common chronic conditions can experience rapid, significant, clinically meaningful, and sustainable improvements in their health. Functional health takes a holistic approach to your well-being, considering physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. By identifying various factors that contribute to your overall health, this approach can help improve your quality of life.


What makes our approach different?

Our focus is on promoting vitality by identifying and addressing any barriers to good health and laying the groundwork for optimal well-being. We'll collaborate to activate your body's natural self-healing mechanisms, boost and revive weakened systems, improve structural stability, and suggest natural remedies that can regenerate and rejuvenate your body. This approach not only relieves the symptoms of your health issues but also addresses the root causes, resulting in better overall health and the ability to maintain that wellness. 

A Functional Health Assessment is recommended for those who want to establish care with us. During this visit we will:

  • Discuss your health concerns and goals.

  • Identify your most important nutritional requirements.

  • Review any herb-medication interactions and medication-nutritional depletions.

  • Explore ways to overcome obstacles and establish healthy habits.

  • Perform a Functional Systems Assessment to determine which organ systems may need support.

  • Conduct a heart sound recording, which uses a specialized microphone to observe how your heart reacts to various stressors.

  • Measure your body composition to gain insight into your fat, muscle, and water levels.

  • Analyze bloodwork or urine samples to identify any areas of opportunity that may be overlooked.

  • Offer a complete plan that encompasses essential lifestyle changes, functional foods, herbal formulas, and nutritional supplements to achieve positive outcomes.

Our clients have had success with these similar concerns:


Our approach is not to "treat" medical diagnoses or replace medical interventions that our clients present with; rather, we aim to support our clients by integrating one or more complementary practices into their healthcare regimen, which can help them take charge of their overall well-being.

Naturopathic Methods of Care

Following a thorough analysis of your comprehensive health history and lab work by our naturopathic doctor, a personalized health improvement plan will be developed for you. This plan may incorporate various integrative healthcare approaches, such as:


New Clients​

  • Functional Health Assessment - $270

Established Clientele

  • Functional Health Consultation - $180​​​​

  • ODX Functional Health Report - $54

    • For labs ordered by an outside provider.

The prices listed are the total fees per consult, no matter the length or type of care received at that visit. Fees include gathering in-depth history, assessment & explanation of lab results, creation of a comprehensive care plan, and coordination of laboratory orders recommended by the doctor, as well as communication needed with other practitioners when needed.

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