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Functional Health Plan

Real healing takes time. Become a Functional Health Plan member today and get a long-term partner dedicated to your health.

Personalized integrative health care

What’s included in your plan

8 - Naturopathic Consultations

  • Advanced Biofeedback Assessment

  • InBody Body Composition with Health Report

  • Functional Urinalysis or Functional Blood Review​

  • Longer visits so all your concerns are heard

  • In-depth questionnaires to understand your whole-body health, genetics, and lifestyle

Access to advanced testing others don’t offer

  • Specialty testing recommendations to better understand your health from the inside out (cost of labs not included)

  • Analysis and review of results with your provider, with the next steps to improve your function

  • Insights on genetics, hormones, gut health, toxin exposure, and more

Personalized action plans

  • Action plan to nourish body and mind
  • Recommendations for lifestyle changes, from movement to sleep to managing stress​

  • Progress tracking over time using the Symptom Survey


The Health Assurance Plans were developed by Dr. Brandon to provide a more economical option for his clients. By purchasing a plan, you will save money that will allow you to continue long term naturopathic health care, call it health assurance. Staying on a long term program, can help you to better achieve and maintain your health goals. When you take a proactive approach to your health, you can take better care of your family, work better, and live a more fulfilling life.

Additional Member Benefits:
  • Unlimited Acute Care Assessments

  • Unlimited Direct Doctor Communication (Monday - Saturday)

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Direct Lab Pricing

  • 15% discount on supplements purchased on Fullscript

  • 18% discount on additional consultations member and member's immediate household

  • Low client:doctor ratio 

  • Unlimited Collaborative care with other practitioners

How much does the Functional Health Plan 

Payment Plan

Dr. Brandon believes in the value of naturopathic health care and in you towards achieving balanced health and wellness. Therefore, he has created a pricing structure that is affordable enough to allow you to get the holistic health care you need.



*with annual contract

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