Jennifer Cabic, BCTN

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Board Certified Traditional Naturopath

I am passionately committed to guiding those who are tired of feeling sick and tired; empowering you to take well being into your own hands.  My mission  and commitment to you is getting to the root cause of why you are not feeling well, not treat the symptoms.  This involves listening to your unique story, performing several assessments, and determining what factors in your life are causing you to feel unwell.  Together we will stimulate your body's natural healing capacity. 

I do this combining natural and non-invasive modalities such as herbs, nutrition, essential oils, galvanic skin response and vascular therapy.  We will also work together to address any emotional issues that may be holding you back.  

My mission to become a Traditional Naturopath began in my early 20's when I started having allergic reactions to medications.  These experiences led me to having anxiety and depression that made it difficult sleep and eat.  My blood-work showed I was nutritionally deficient but my physicians wanted to give me more medication.  Finally enough-was-enough and I resolved to explore and study herbs, nutritional supplements, and health food to feel better.  It was hard work but after several weeks of eating healthy food, taking nutritional supplements and herbs I started to feel better as by body began to heal.

What really excites me about this work  is knowing that I can guide you on your journey to loving life again.  Helping you discover you can feel good again.  Showing you how your body wants to heal.  I have had similar experiences and know what it's like to lose hope but also what it is like to make a comeback!  What I did for myself was backed by lots of research and a little intuition.  I can share that experience with you!

You can feel confident working with me knowing that my work is recognized and has been awarded by the American Naturopathic Medical Association.  I have received multiple certifications in holistic health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, International Institute of Natural Wellness Education, and the American Naturopathic Medical Association where I received my designations of Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Coach, and Advanced Nutrition Consultant.

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