Movement Therapy

The Trager Method

Mentastics is an invented word, created by Dr. Milton Trager to explain the mind/body connection. Mental (mind) plus Gymnastics (body movements) equals Mentastics.

Mentastics are a tool to consciously re-pattern through movement. When we engage in new movements, the mind is interested because it loves novelty. Repeating a new pattern of movement builds new pathways in the nervous system allowing change to occur. Movement becomes easier, and the mind learns to pause.

Mentastics is a unique, neuromuscular approach to re-patterning through guided  dance-like movement that links the mind and body to evoke sensations of freedom and lightness for optimal performance.  

There is a state of organic, natural movement that we have as children, that is sometimes eclipsed through the course of our lives. The Trager® Approach guides us back to that natural state where we move in ease and joy and freedom, explore sensations of lightness and balance, dissolve habits/patterns of tension and pain, find openness and peace within, and reawaken to the wisdom of the body. Trager can assist you on your path towards wholeness, whether you are seeking personal growth, or assistance with physical limitations, stress, pain or a movement disorder.  

The Trager Approach has also been reported to ease or manage a wide range of conditions including stress, limited movement, back pain, depression, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, sports and other injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, everyday aches and pains, muscle spasms, headaches, physical/emotional trauma, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, & fibromyalgia.

of yourself and relieve stress and tension.

  • 30 min. - $45

  • 60 min. - $75

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Whole Body Stretch

Regular stretch therapy can positively affect your athletic performance, from increased range of motion to increased flexibility which can improve your posture. More flexibility means less stress on muscles during workouts and daily activities. Activating your body’s natural lubricants helps ease joints and lessen nerve irritation. Our exclusive method was developed from more than 20 years of physical therapy expertise along with the latest research on stretching techniques.

Private Pilates Coaching

Pilates is a systematized and gentle form of exercise that focuses on core strengthening and stabilization.  All core muscles need to work in synergy with each other.  This allows the joints to generate maximum power and to bear a maximum load with minimal risk of injury.  Each session will be performed on a reformer or stability chair which use springs to apply tension.  A mat can also be used which allows for your own body weight to create load bearing potential.

Whole Body Stretch/Pilates Initial Consultation- $110
  • New clients or Post-Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

  • Initial physical evaluation

  • Review of Findings

  • First hands-on treatment

  • Treatment plan

Follow-up Whole Body Stretch or Pilates Treatments - $75

  • ​Package of 5 treatments - $360

  • Packages of 10 treatments - $675

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