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Are You Looking For a Proactive Approach to Your Health?

Let's work together to develop a
personalized strategy that puts you back in
charge of your health and vitality.

How can we help you feel better?

Functional Health (also called Integrative Medicine) has been practiced by Naturopathic Doctors for over a century and differs from traditional medical strategies in some significant ways. The standard approach to modern medicine, allopathy, tends to focus on alleviating the outward or surface symptoms of a disease or injury. If one particular health issue seems to produce those symptoms, the doctor might focus on fixing that issue without looking at any underlying circumstances that might have brought it about.

Functional Health views you as a whole person -- not just as an injury, illness, or symptom to be treated. This approach factors your physical, psychological, and emotional wellness into account, identifying the various triggers that might work together to undermine your health.


Our Naturopathic Doctor then address each of those trouble points by recommending several complementary therapies as part of a holistic health program.  Our recommendations will include the most appropriate functional lab testing, nutritional and lifestyle upgrades, mindset transformations, and necessary nutraceutical support.  Our goal is always centered around restoring vitality by removing obstacles to health and establishing the foundation for optimal healing. 


We will work together to stimulate your body's self-healing mechanisms, supporting and restoring weakened systems, correcting structural stability, and recommending natural substances that restore and regenerate the body.  This strategy not only alleviates the symptoms of your health challenges; it also corrects the underlying factors that produced those symptoms, improving your overall health, and enabling you to preserve that newfound wellness.​

While our Naturopathic Doctor will not replace your primary care provider or specialist. Our goal is to work together with all members of your healthcare team.

Our clients have had success with these similar concerns:

What makes Naturopathy different?

Doctor's Visit

A clinically-proven approach.

Naturopathy is a distinct system of healthcare that encourages the body's self-healing processes through the use of natural therapies; promoting optimal function and fostering homeostasis.  Drawing on both traditional methods and modern science it uses clinically-proven, evidence-based, holistic approaches to get the full picture of your health and create a plan for long-term wellness for your unique health needs.

Your naturopathic doctor gets to (really) know you. We dedicate time to understanding your health history, lifestyle, and goals.


They are dedicated to keeping you on track and easing the implementation of lifestyle changes like nutrition, exercise. stress management, & social support.

We address the root cause.
Applying the best tools and techniques of naturopathic healthcare combined with advanced testing you get in-depth information about your health and body which allows us to target the drivers of dysfunction.

We stay by your side.
Via regular check-ins with your naturopathic doctor, messaging, & group support you get support year-round.


Track your progress through our clinically-proven symptom tracker.

Naturopathic Methods of Care

After our naturopathic doctor analyzes your comprehensive health history and lab work they will create a customized health improvement plan using integrative healthcare approaches.

This may include many modalities such as:

Our Method:  What to Expect
Please note: Dr. Brandon will not schedule an Initial Interview until all of your intake forms are completed.  Don't hesitate to contact the office at 440-632-5814 ext. 8 or fill out the contact form below to request the intake forms.
Become a Client
Start Your Journey Back To Health

We look forward to connecting with you soon and supporting you on your journey to optimal health.

Dr. Brandon's Fee Schedule

New Clients​

  • Initial Naturopathic Consultation - $288


Established Clientele

  • Acute Care Consultation (billed in 15 min. increments) - $54

  • Essential Naturopathic Consultation (1 or 2 concerns) - $180

  • Comprehensive Naturopathic Consultation (multiple concerns) - $252

Naturopathic Lab Services

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Report - $90

    • For labs ordered by another physician or practitioner that need functional interpretation through our proprietary ODX software.​

  • Live Blood Microscopy - $54

  • ABO Blood Typing - $18​

  • RBTI Urinalysis - $54​

  • 10-step Urinalysis - $18

  • Functional Urinalysis (Calcium, GI Balance, Adrenal) - $18 each

Phone, Email, & Voxer Consultations

Dr. Brandon is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and welcomes clients to call anytime for questions or acute concerns. Phone calls, emails, and Voxer messages should not be used as a substitute for office visits.  Dr. Brandon reserves the option to schedule a follow-up office visit instead of responding to your message.

To respect Dr. Brandon's time, phone calls, emails, & Voxer messages that exceed 15 minutes, require research or reference to the client's chart or other resources, lengthy explanations, or multiple responses will be charged $54 and billed in 15-minute increments.

Nutraceuticals & Botanical Formulations

Recommended nutraceuticals and botanical formulations are not included in the price of the visit. The cost of recommendations varies between $50 and $300 per month. Cost is often related to the condition for which services are being sought, and their expense can vary widely from person to person. Clients with strict budgets can still benefit tremendously from nutrition and lifestyle changes. 


Cash, Check, Visa, and MasterCard are acceptable forms of payment. Payment is required at the time of the visit.

Missed or Same-Day Cancellation of Appointments

Cancellation of an appointment without due cause and less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge for 50% of the service scheduled.

After the Wellness Consultation, clients are classified as Essential or Comprehensive depending on the overall state of health.  All fees are dependent on this classification.  Classification is based on current/previous dietary habits, treatments (pharmaceuticals, hormones, antibiotics, etc.), number of diagnoses, and other parameters established by the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire.  Please note that each visit type is based on known symptoms or health concerns; however, the doctor may need to change your classification according to the complexity of your visit and the issues discussed.

The prices listed are the total fees per consult, no matter the length (except phone, email, and Voxer messaging), depending on the type of care received at that visit. Fees include gathering in-depth history, assessment & explanation of lab results, creation of a comprehensive care plan, and coordination of laboratory orders recommended by the doctor, as well as communication needed with other practitioners when needed.

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