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As a client, I understand...

- Payment is due at the time of service.

- All sales are final.
- Due to the nature of our business, Living Well Holistic Health and its contractors do not offer refunds for services or gift certificates.
- Clients must maintain an active credit/debit/HSA/FSA card on file to schedule appointments and resolve any invoices.
- Credit card transactions may incur up to a 4% processing fee.
- Living Well Holistic Health accepts cash, credit/debit/HSA/FSA cards (Visa/MC/Discover/American Express).
- Personal checks are accepted only with a credit card on file.
- Checks for insufficient funds are charged a $18 fee in addition to whatever charges are issued by a client's financial institution. A statement showing payment will be sent or given to the client.
- To pay any balance remaining on my account for any reason upon receipt of a statement

- Failure to pay the balance on my account may result in pursuing any collection means possible with all costs at my expense.


At this time, we do not accept commercial insurance.  This allows us to keep our fees affordable and your care centered around you!  However, check with your health insurance agent, as your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) may cover the cost of our services.  We will provide a receipt of your services upon request.

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