Healthy circulation is vital to optimal health. Stimulating healthy muscles and temporarily increasing blood circulation in healthy muscles is the primary goal of vascular therapy, to support muscular health and optimize performance.  

In the vide you can see the difference between healthy local blood flow and slow-moving local blood flow. Optimized local blood flow in healthy muscles is vital to functional muscular performance.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Vascular Therapy

The vascular therapy device uses a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal.


Vascular Therapy Can Enhance:
  • Nutrient & Oxygen Delivery

  • Local Blood Flow

  • Waste Removal

  • Muscle Conditioning

  • Performance

Individual Session - $25

• Physical Fitness

• Muscular Strength
• Endurance & Energy
• Vitality & Well-Being
• Stress Reduction & Relaxation
• Sleep Management

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