You may be familiar with the theories of brainwave audio programs that utilize binaural beats or isochronic tone pulses to lead the brain toward beneficial mental states.  These oscillations fall within five key ranges; that is, the slowest waves experienced during sleep and unconsciousness, delta. to the ‘dream’ waves theta, to ‘relaxation’ waves of alpha, to ‘waking’ waves of beta, to the latest discoveries of very fast waves considered to be ‘integrating’ or ‘encoding’ waves which are known as gamma.

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Sound Therapy 

Sound Therapy
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Sound Technology makes the experience of Zen-like mindfulness and inner peace possible, and can break habitual undesired states like anger and restlessness. A session on one of our systems will settle and compose your mind as well as enhance your mood.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

  • Meditation aid - access deeply tranquil states

  • Can clears of extraneous thoughts - stop the "Monkey Mind

  • Focus and attention trainer

  • Break undesirable states - like anger

  • Facilitate accelerated learning

  • Mood shifter - change your mind

  • Access altered states of consciousness

  • Stunning audio-visual experience

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $75
Dr. Brandon Drabek, ND
Jennifer Cabic, BCTN