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Third Wednesdays @ 7:30pm

Spirituality has many definitions and is not necessarily connected to a specific belief system or even religious worship.  Instead, it arises from connecting with yourself and others, developing your personal value system, and searching for meaning in life.  In medicine, health and spirituality are a growing field of study focused on the principles of service, compassion, dignity, interconnectedness, and a search for meaning. 

The intention of this group is to foster spiritual wellness.  We'll focus on the four pillars of spirituality: creating sacred space and time, our connection with nature, interconnectedness and building meaningful relationships, and cultivating purpose.  Some of the concepts we'll discuss are prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualization, circadian rhythm, earthing, forest bathing, fostering family ties, connecting with your community, pursuing fulfillment, and service. 

Wednesday, June 21st - Introduction to Spirituality

Wednesday, July 19th - Creating Sacred Space & Time

Wednesday, August 16th - Connection with Nature (located at Swine Creek Park)

Wednesday, September 20th - Interconnectedness & Building Meaningful Relationships

Wednesday, October 18th - Cultivating Purpose

Group Facilitator: Dr. Brandon Drabek, ND

This event is Free.


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