Michelle Polon, PT

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  - Benjamin Franklin

Michelle Polon, PT


A graduate from Youngstown State University, Michelle Polon started her career in the exercise science field. She utilized her degree and became a health fitness instructor/ personal trainer, while finishing her Masters of  Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Dayton, Ohio.  

Over a span of 20 years, Michelle has enjoyed combining her traditional Physical Therapy services with holistic practices focused on prevention of injury and disease.


As a licensed Physical Therapist, Michelle has prevention and holistic wellness in mind.  She has a certificate in health coaching, extensive and continued training with Stott Pilates as a certified rehab pilates instructor. She is a Reiki Master and has a working knowledge in the use of essential oils for both home and self care.  


Michelle specializes in chronic low back pain and musculoskeletal pain prevention.  Millions of people suffer with persistent, ongoing or intermittent low back pain, and nagging joint discomfort including Michelle herself.  It is FRUSTRATING and interferes terribly with LIFE! Fortunately, Michelle knows exactly what she has to do to avoid nasty flare ups and wants to share all of her knowledge with you! Let’s fix the faulty movement pattern before your pain begins. You will be able to return to being present with your friends and family and confidently participate in the activities you love, without fear of re-injury.​


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