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 Michelle Polon, MPT

SPECIALTY                     Physical Therapy & Pilates
TYPE OF PROVIDER     Physical Therapist
LANGUAGES                  English

I absolutely love being a physical therapist!  One of my greatest pleasures is witnessing the moment a client realizes they just performed a desired activity without pain.  Quite possibly this hasn’t happened in months, or years despite previous conservative treatments.  

I am dedicated to 100% one on one patient care.  During your treatment, my attention is focused only on you.  This  allows you to walk away each and every session with an arsenal of self-treatment techniques and education designed to limit your future needs for additional physical therapy.

I started my career over two decades ago, graduating with a bachelors in exercise science at Youngstown State University.  This allowed me to gain experience with exercise programming as I continued to earn my Masters in Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Dayton Ohio.

During my time as a licensed Physical Therapist, I have always had an interest in a more holistic approach, and now consider myself an Integrative Physical Therapist.  I have received a certificate in health coaching, and have extensive training with Stott Pilates as a  rehab pilates instructor.


I took classes at a holistic school becoming a certified Reiki Master and have a working knowledge of essential oils for both use in the home and self care.

I specialize in chronic hip and low back pain as well as musculoskeletal pain prevention.  Millions of people suffer with persistent, ongoing or intermittent low back pain, and nagging joint discomfort including ME!  It is FRUSTRATING and interferes terribly with life. Fortunately, I know exactly what to do to avoid nasty flare ups and I want to share this knowledge with you.  

Client Satisfaction Reviews​

"I felt comfortable during the appointment and felt understood when I shared the issues I’m having. We came up with a plan for care that I’m looking forward to implementing" - Cathy B.

"I was very happy with the results of my visit. Michelle had a very good balance of friendliness and professionalism." - Toni C.

"Don’t wait until it is too late. Find a way to get in and see what they can do to help you regain your strength and health. It’s all in your hands and these folks can show you how to do it. Thank you!" - Bill T.

Professional Services​:
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