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Holistic Counseling

Psychology Patient

Holistic counseling utilizes traditional and non-traditional therapies of holistic healing with the purpose of creating an integration of the mind, body and spirit. The idea combines a broad range of different holistic approaches to help the patient reach the deepest level of healing possible.

Holistic counseling services include traditional talk psychotherapy and non-traditional therapies including hypnosis, heart-centered hypnotherapy/regression therapy, breath therapy and guided imagery.

Traditional Talk Therapy

Traditional talk therapy is used for patients not ready for non-traditional therapies. This approach includes psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, developmental, educational, family systems and humanistic therapies that utilize a strength perspective to match the individual needs of the patient.

Non-Traditional Therapies

Non-traditional therapies are based on a variety of traditions, which tap into different levels of mind-body-spirit healing. These therapies involve energy work, elements from different traditions of healing as well as from the field of transpersonal psychology. All therapies have a strong spiritual component, which utilizes different levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

  • Hypnosis: a treatment intervention that induces the client into a relaxed state. The clinician then provides post-hypnotic suggestion for relief from symptoms. A trance is a natural occurring state, so anyone can be hypnotized. Only a light to medium state of hypnotic trance is necessary for effective therapy.

  • Heart-centered hypnotherapy or regression therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which the patient is placed in a hypnotic, altered state of consciousness for the purpose of re-working or re-framing unhealthy behaviors. This process can allow for deep healing to take place because of the energetic or emotional release and the level of insight that can be attained.

  • Breath therapy: is a natural healing method that uses high vibrational energy to reduce stored emotions and past trauma that may contribute to disease. This type of therapy allows the patient to re-introduce breathing as a way to heal and restore the body, mind and spirit and activate healing agents in our body and soul.

  • Guided imagery: is widely used to create tangible changes in a patient’s overall health by actively creating images of well-being. It can help the patient reduce the effects of certain medical and emotional conditions.

Holistic counseling is only delivered by a clinician with a license in clinical social work, clinical counseling, or psychology and certification in advanced clinical hypnotherapy.

What We Treat

Holistic counseling can help reduce symptoms of various ailments.  At Living Well Holistic Health, our holistic counseling clinicians specialize in the treatment of physical illness and disease, emotional issues, family dynamics, stage of life issues, work-related issues, sexual abuse, trauma, addiction (substances, food and unwanted behaviors), and stress and anxiety.  It does not take the place of traditional medicine, but does work in conjunction with it to help the healing process. Holistic counseling primarily looks at specific areas of the body from an emotional, spiritual and energetic perspective and is designed to help heal the origin of the disease.

Each client responds differently to holistic psychotherapy. We recommend that clients attend each session with an open mind to receive the full benefits of the process. Clients currently prescribed psychotropic medications for mental health or who are under psychiatric treatment may still benefit from holistic counseling.

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