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Wellness Consultation

Your body can maintain its countless complex functions only when it has adequate amounts of the right nutrients. Unfortunately, getting that balance just right can prove difficult. Many popular processed foods offer too little in the way of actual nutrition and too much fat, sugar, and salt. These imbalances can contribute to chronic inflammation, obesity, bone, and joint problems, insulin resistance, and other health issues.

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Nutrition's Place in Holistic Health

Holistic health takes nutrition into account as part of a larger picture.  With biofeedback technology our team looks at all the factors that influence your current state of health, from emotional stress and lifestyle choices to detoxification, inflammation, immune and endocrine system balance. 


Upon evaluation, we will pinpoint specific recommendations for nutritional supplementation that promote balanced health & strength.  In addition, your action plan may include a variety of complementary therapies to enhance your well-being. You may benefit from daily exercises, physical therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, or other supportive care to help you get optimal results.

What's Included
  • Zyto Balance Scan: This biofeedback wellness scan helps us understand the status of your four core systems: Detoxification, Digestive, Hormone/Endocrine, and Immune.  It also helps us identify any lifestyle areas that need support such as Diet & Nutrition, Hydration, Inflammation, Mental/Emotional Stress, Sleep, and Toxic Stress.

  • The Food for Wellness Scan addresses your bio-individuality by gathering and displaying readings of food items for which your body showed a biological coherence, or preference, as well as items that your body had an incoherent response to. Please note that this biosurvey does not identify allergies. Be sure to take any known allergies into consideration when referring to this report to help you make wellness decisions about your diet.

  • Recommendations for herbal and nutritional support based on your Balance Scan.  Dr. Brandon offers high-quality whole food and plant based supplements to complement your nutrition plan, correct a dietary deficiency or to assist with hair loss, leaky gut and stress management. From Probiotics, Vitamin D, Fish oil to CBD and multivitamins we have you covered. Let us help you take the guesswork out of nutrition!

  • Wellness Consultation - $144

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