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Neck Massage
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Jennifer Flowers, COTA

SPECIALTY                     Massage Therapy
TYPE OF PROVIDER     Occupational Therapy Assistant
LANGUAGES                  English

My name is Jennifer Flowers, and I am a graduate of Penn State University, Shenango and I am a NEBCOT Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. I also have a background of studies from Youngstown State University in Psychology and Social work.


I am a mom of three amazing kids who are my everything. I love my family and friends, my animals, horseback riding, swimming, the ocean, and being in nature. I have a fascination for learning about neuroscience and how the
brain works and most things health related. I am most passionate about relaxation massage and being a part of a person’s journey to getting back to doing what they value in life and overcoming obstacles from their set back.

I have been a practicing COTA for over 5 years and have seen first-hand how incredibly important and impactful massage can be in the larger picture of good health, greater immunity, oxygenation of your blood, increased circulation, releasing toxins, facilitating lymphatic flow and drainage to be more properly metabolized through your body.


Relaxation Massage is an integral element in stress management as well. Long term effects of stress make one vulnerable to a host of issues. Being proactive with one’s health physically as well as mentally makes us not only better for ourselves but those we love as well.  It makes for a greater quality of life.

Relaxation Massage is beneficial to our physical body, our mind, and our spirit.


I was drawn to work at Living Well Holistic Health due to the practitioners desire to truly help their clients on their path to optimal health and wellbeing. I care passionately about my clients and give them my undivided attention and my sincere desire and efforts for them to feel better, heal, find solutions for their concerns, and maintain their positive strides and improvements to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

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